Plants To Attract Butterflies & Moths

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To attract Butterflies and Moths to visit your garden you will need to grow nectar plants and food plants for caterpillars.
The plants listed here are just an example of the hundreds of plants you can find on the interactive rightplants4me plant selector and pruning guide website. Richly illustarted with thousands of accompanying images.
Each plant on the UK interactive plant database is accompanied with planting and pruning advice, making it an ideal British plant advice and plant identification resource for garden enthusiasts whatever their level of expertise.

To learn more about plants to attract Butterflies and Moths visit the Butterfly Conservation Society web site. The Butterfly Farm in Stratford Upon Avon is a wonderful and inspirational place to visit for both children and adults alike.

Click on the Butterfly or Moth photograph and see which nectar plants they favour.

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  • Common fleabane
  • Hemp agrimony